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The Valiant Sixty

A group of early Quaker itinerant preachers, mostly from northern England, who spread the ideas of the Friends during the second half of the Seventeenth Century.
Also called the First Publishers of Truth

 "The Kingdom of Heaven did gather us, and catch us all, as in a net, and His heavenly power at one time drew many hundreds to land... the Lord appeared daily to us, to our astonishment, amazement and great admiration, insomuch that we often said to one another, with great joy of heart,'What? is the Kingdom of God come to be with men? And will He take up His tabernacle among the sons of men, as He did of old? And what? shall we, that were reckoned as the outcasts of Israel have this honor of glory communicated amongst us, which were but men of small parts, and of little abilities in respect of many others..."
Francis Howgill

Ayrey, Thomas, Yeoman (Husbandman), Birkfield.
Aldam, Thomas, Yeoman, Warmsworth.
Atkinson, Christopher, Kendal.
Audland, Ann, Wife of Shopkeeper, Preston Patrick.
Audland, John, Linen Draper (Farmer), Preston Patrick.
Banks, John, Glove Maker (Fell-monger and Husbandman).
Bateman, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Bensen, Dorothy, Wife of Yeoman, Sedbergh.
Benson, Gervase, Yeoman (Husbandman), Sedbergh.
Bewley, George, Yeoman (Gentleman), Haltcliffe Hall.
Birkett, Miles, Miller, underbarrow.
Blaykling, Anne, Sister of Yeoman, Draw-well.
Blaykling, John, Yeoman (Husbandman), Draw-well.
Braithwaite, John, Shorthand Writer, Newton-in-Cartmel.
Briggs, Thomas, Husbandman, Bolton-le-Sands.
Burnyeat, John, Husbandman, Crabtree Beck.
Burrough, Edward, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Camm, John, Yeoman (Husbandman), Preston Patrick.
Camm, Mabel, Wife of yeoman, Preston Patrick.
Caton, William, Secretary, Swarthmoor Hall.
Clayton, Richard, Yeoman, Gleaston-in-Furness.
Dewsbury, William, Shepherd (Clotheir), Allerthorpe.
Farnsworth, Richard, Yeoman, Tickhill.
Fell, Leonard, Husbandman, Baycliffe.
Fell, Margaret, Gentlewoman, Swarthmoor Hall.
Fisher, Mary, Servant, Selby.
Fletcher, Elizabeth, Gentlewoman, Kendal.
Fox, George, Shoemaker (Shepherd), Drayton.
Goodaire, Thomas, Yeoman, Selby.
Halhead, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Harrison, George, Gentleman, Sedbergh.
Hebden, Roger, Tailor, New Malton.
Holme, Thomas, Weaver, Kendal.
Hooten, Elizabeth, Wife of Yeoman, Skegsby.
Howgill, Francis, Farmer (Tailor), Grayrigg.
Howgill, Mary, Sister of Tailor, Grayrigg.
Hubbersty, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Hubbersty, Stephen, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Hubberthorne, Richard, Yeoman (Soldier), Yealand Redmayne.
Kilham, Thomas, Gentleman, Balby.
Lancaster, James, Husbandman, Walney Isle.
Lawson, John, Shopkeeper, Lancaster.
Lawson, Thomas, Gentleman (Schoolmaster), Lancaster.
Parker, Alexander, Husbandman (Soldier), Ardsley.
Nayler, James, Butcher, Bolton Forest.
Rawlinson, Thomas, Gentleman, Graythwaite.
Rigge, Ambrose, Schoolmaster, Grayrigg.
Robertson, Thomas, Yeoman, Grayrigg.
Robinson, Richard, Yeoman, Countersett.--distinguished from R.B. of
Salthouse, Thomas, Husbandman, Dragglebeck.
Scaife, John, Day-Labouer, Hutton.
Simpson, William, Busbandman, Sunbricke.
Slee, John, Husbandman, Mosedale.
Stacey, Thomas, Yeoman, Cinder Hill.
Story, John, Husbandman, Preston Patrick.
Stubbs, John, Husbandman (Schoolmaster and Soldier), Co. Durham
(convinced at Carlisle).
Stubbs, Thomas, Soldier, Pardshaw.
Taylor, Christopher, Schoolmaster, Carlton.
Taylor, Thomas, Schoolmaster (Beneficed minster), Carlton.
Waugh, Dorothy, Servant, Preston Patrick.
Waugh, Jane, Servant, Preston Patrick.
Whitehead, George, Schoolmaster (Grocer), Orton.
Whitehead, John, Soldier, Holderness.
Widders or Withers, Robert, Husbandman, Over Kellett.
Wilkinson, John, Husbandman, Preston Patrick.

(Cut and paste with thanks to this link which quoted from
Elfirda Vipont's _George Fox and the Valiant Sixty_and
Ernest E. Taylor in _The Valiant Sixty_ (1947; rev. ed. 1951)

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